"ciao ragazzi" in inglese

Come dire "ciao ragazzi" in inglese, la definizione di "ciao ragazzi" in inglese :

Ciao ragazzi

Hi guys

Ciao ragazzi

Hello guys

Ciao ragazzi

Bye guys

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10 esempi frasi

  • Okay, you guys... you guys just... just give me one. One... One.
  • Yeah, I want to make money with you guys, work with you guys.
  • guys hello, guys He used to work for a big bomb factory.
  • With those guys in the bleachers. Never mind those guys.
  • Watch the floors, guys You guys better get up
  • hello guys, I'm Tom and I'm here with Mary.
  • Since you guys are here already, say hello.
  • Formidable, those guys, congratulations
  • guys, guys, my phone's not here. What
  • You guys. I'm talking about you guys.
  Ciao  -Hi  Hiya  -Hey  Good-bye  fellas  Guys  boys  kids  Come
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