"ciao amico" in inglese

Come dire "ciao amico" in inglese, la definizione di "ciao amico" in inglese :

Ciao amico

Hi mate

Ciao amico

Hey buddy

Ciao amico

Hi buddy

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10 esempi frasi

  • For the period from 1 July 1986 to 30 June 1987 the overall volume is 170 000 hi of pure alcohol, broken down as follows United Kingdom 101 650 hi Benelux 9 100 hi Denmark 2 970 hi Germany 49 330hl Greece 50 hi Spain 260 hi France 2 750 hi Ireland 3 110 hi Italy 750 hi Portugal 30 hi
  • Tyler, hi, buddy, how are you doing Hey. I'm great, it's good, yeah.
  • Hey, buddy, I don't wanna throw around the sue word.
  • Responsible authorities buddy buddy with operators
  • Hey, Chip, your buddy from the Thunderdome is here.
  • Kelly Hi, I'm Kelly and this is my scream buddy.
  • hey buddy, are you sure you lost your keys here
  • Hey, buddy, hold the wheel a while, will you
  • Hey, buddy, come here. Put this in my tent.
  • Sheryl Shade Hi, Aimee. Aimee Mullins Hi.
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